Serve Everything with Pow

Pow is a Rack server for Mac OS X that allows you to easily serve your Rack based applications locally. Indeed, all you have to do is link your application to the Pow folder, like this:

cd ~/.pow
ln -s path/to/my/awesome-app .

If your application is named awesome-app, you can now access it at the address

But you can also use Pow to proxy request to the port of another type of application. For example, if you're working on a Node.js application running on the port 3000, you can create a proxy file to the port 3000 like this:

echo 3000 > ~/.pow/node-app

And you can now access your node application at the address

Finally, you can do exactly the same with the Simple HTTP server I showed last time:

echo 8000 > ~/.pow/static-site

And you can access your static site at