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Playing with node

After finishing Learn You Node, I wanted to make something using Node.js. It is now done with Quick Links.

Quick Links

Quick Links is a simple bookmark page where the bookmark are limited to ten minutes. I use this when I want to open a link from my phone on my computer or vice versa.


As said before, it is developed in Javascript with Node.js, and uses the framework Express with a little help from Redis to store the links.


At first I ran into some difficulties. To get the list of links from Redis, I tried to make the request from Redis in a callback and then use the list like this:

var links;
db.get('data', function (err, reply) {
  if err throw err
  links = JSON.parse(reply);
// Render the list in `links`.

I had a hard time grasping the concepts of callbacks and that the get function is asynchronous, meaning that it might not be executed right when it's called.

In conclusion, I'm really glad I got interested in Node.js and I hope I'll have the occasion of working with it more in the future.

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